This Could Happen To Your Son If He Wears A Trump Hat

A march of students in Rockville, Maryland, protesting the election of Donald Trump to the presidency turned violent on Wednesday morning as a teenager wearing one of the Trump campaigns “Make American Great Again” hats was beaten. A student involved in the beating is facing assault charges.


WASHINGTON — A student is facing assault charges after a student protest of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency turned violent Wednesday.

 Hundreds of students from Richard Montgomery High School were carrying signs reading, “Love Trumps Hate,” and chanting near the Rockville courthouse on Maryland Avenue in a protest that began at about 10 a.m. when a 15-year-old boy wearing one of the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” hats was attacked by about four students.

The group surrounded the teen, punching him repeatedly, then threw him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly in the ribs. It is not yet clear what led up to the incident, but Maj. Michael English with Rockville police said the victim was not the aggressor.

 “They jumped him and beat him up pretty bad,” Max Stucky, a bystander who witnessed the attack, told WTOP.
 The teen, who wasn’t seriously hurt, was seen clutching the back of his head in pain. He was helped to his feet by medics and taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
 So far, police have identified one student, a 17-year-old, involved in the beating and filed charges of second-degree assault, English said. The student is not in custody,
 Police officers are talking with witnesses.
 There was a large police presence during the protest, but there were no further problems. The students returned to the school’s football field at about 11:30 a.m.
“We’re trying to get people together instead of saying more negative things that add on more conflict,” said tenth grader Anyah Clayton.
 Twelfth grader Taylor Clayton said Trump supporters at her school had made rude, racist comments since the election.


The student, who was wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat, was attacked by at least four other students.