THIS IS HUGE: Daughters Obama BUSTED – Daddy Has To Bail Them Out Of Jail At 3AM

According to thelastlineofdefense:

Daughters Obama BUSTED -daddy has to bail them out of jail at 3AM.

The Obama daughters were in hot water Monday night after a party in Maui, Hawaii went terribly wrong. After sneaking away from the Secret Service to a party in Maui, the girls were picked up by local police and arrested…for vandalism!!!

Obama had to wake up at 3AM, which we all know from the Benghazi debacle he doesn’t like to do, to go down and bail his precious daughters out of jail. He was still visually upset with them this morning after they departed Marine One for a taxpayer-funded brunch with Beyonce:

There’s trouble in paradise for the so-called “scandal-free” first family.

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Source: thelastlineofdefense

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